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Day [720] Forum 3.0

For the third time ProEconomica has a new forum, they first tried a “homemade” forum which was horrible, then vbulletin but that didn’t work out too good, most likely due to lack of interest but  I must admit the new one looks pretty good, I hope that this time they will also appoint a decent administrator for it.

Since my last update there have been a few changes in ProEconomica, first there is the new Feedback option, where you can leave suggestions and if they get enough votes they get implemented or so is what the admins are saying. A few thins actually got implemented but to many times we got excited for new features only to get disappointed in  the end, hopefully this feedback option will revive the game a little.

News – Weekly Edition
Another cool – ish thing is the new Weekly Edition Paper, where admins remind you that they are still around and working at the game. The down side is they keep giving deadlines for the upcoming features and … well everyone should now that they never stick to them, no idea why they keep setting them. Also they give new players some tips about the game, that’s kinda cool.


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