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Game Shares & Technologies

Two new modules have been implemented, Game Shares and My Technologies, below you can read a brief description.

The newly implemented module allows you to buy game shares, every time you reach a new level you generate 1 game share.You have 6 days to buy the share or it will go to the shares market where it will be sold for a higher price.

Game shares give you a daily and a permanent bonus based on the amount of shares you have and increase the virtual shares you get when you increase your company’s level.In the future you will be able to trade virtual share with other players or buy Bonus cards with them and turn them in Euros.

Personal Technologies (don’t mistake them with company techs) are pretty straight forward, they are required if you wan to increase your company’s level.Some techs require other techs before you can research them so read the requirements carefully and you will be fine.

A more detailed guide will be available when the modules will be fully functional.



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