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This newly implemented Proeconomica module can be found under the invite banner as seen in the image.

This module will have more futures (guide will be updated as they are implemented) but for now only one of the is active, creating or joining a community.In the future if you want to run for presidency in the virtual world of ProEconomica you will need to be a community leader.Until then the community will serve as a private forum ..sort of.

If you want to join a community click on My State in the new window Communities Tab should be already selected, if it’s not just click it.

Here you can see a list of all the  created communities, you can see their names, description, the name of the leader and the number of members.To join a community just click Join.The green check mark  indicates the communities/community you have already joined.To see more details and toe forum of the community you have joined just click on its name.

At anytime you can be in 2 communities, if you want to create a new community just click on create.As you can see opening a community will cost you 20 gold.However a newly opened community can only have 50 members, if you want to upgrade your community you will have to pay another 20 gold per level.Each leaver will increase the maximum size of your community with 50 members.For now the max level for a community is 2 ( it starts at lvl 0) this will allow you to recruit 150 members.Click the image to enlarge it.

If you are the leader of the community you will have access to some Admin commands, you can see the admin panel in the top right corner.Here you can see how many members there are in your community and the max size of your community.If you click on members you will see a list with all the members of the community, when they joined and the option to kick them.If you click on “Requests” you have a list with all the applicants that want to join your community,here you have the option to accept or reject them.If you reject them they will appear in the “rejections” window, the rejected players will be listed here and unable to apply again to your community until you removed them from the list.If you want to create and new subject on the community’s forum click “New Subject” , choose a title and write a description.The leader of the forum is the only one that can create a new subjects and delete the posts made within the opened subjects.

Under the admin panel you can see your community’s level and donations made to your community.Any member of the community can make a donation all you have to do is click the donate button, once the total amount of gold reaches 20 you will be able to upgrade your community to the next level.

If you want to leave a community all you have to do is click the leave button as seen in the image below.

If you still have questions or you think I missed something just leave a reply here.

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