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Day [575] Buildings, State Technologies

You know those modules that were supposed to be implemented about 3 months ago? Well they are here.


State Buildings and Technologies


There are 7 buildings and 8 technologies that can be upgraded. By upgrading them every player in your country gains the boost, this way your country becomes more powerful. To raise the level of a technology or of a building players from your country need to donate the required materials and then the money will be added from your country’s budget. After he government will be implemented and after the elections only the President and the Prime Minister will be able to donate money from the budget but until then anyone will have this power.

You can’t donate materials while the research is ongoing, you have to wait until it’s finished.

Proeconomica Buildings








Now you can also finish the 2 out of the 3 missions that required you to donate materials.

Proeconomica Missions


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