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Withdrawal Terms

The admins implemented some rules for withdrawing money from the game, you can read them at the “Shareholders” application. Also I created a new page dedicated to the shareholders application, you can check it out here Shareholders , you can read the withdrawal terms and more there but I’ll post them here too 🙂


Withdrawal Terms
1. Shareholders application was created for those who supported this project financially during beta testing so they could become future shareholders and permanent beneficiaries of this project. This application is not a an application related to lotteries, gambling, pyramid scheme or anything like that, it’s an application that will allow those who supported the game financially to have real winnings, bonuses and other awards. Players that supported the game morally, honestly and actively ( referrals, chat activity, consulting, regular visiting of the project) can also be beneficiaries of the “Shareholders” both in-game and ,after the decision of the Administration, in the real world by withdrawing money.
2. A player can make a monthly withdrawal but it will be limited to 30% of the amount invested in the game, but he can still make withdrawals after the total amount of the money cashed out will be higher than the amount invested therefor having monthly financial benefits.
3. The players that earned money by referring people to the game through the “Invite” application have the right to withdraw them as soon as they have reached an amount of 20 euros from this application.
4. The players that have not supported the game financially and didn’t use the “Invite” application but used gold to buy real shares and request withdrawals can only cash out a maximum amount of 5 euros every 3 months.
5. If a player didn’t make a withdrawal as mentioned above at point 2, he will not be able to request a higher amount the next month.
6. For any amounts over 20 Euros, there is a withdrawal fee of 20% from the amount requested and for amounts lower than 20 Euro the withdrawal fee is 30% of the amount requested. The player will also pay any other fees perceived by the payment system.
7. The money allocated to withdrawals come from a budget specially designed for withdrawals, all withdrawals are based on the availability of financial resources from this budget.
8. If during the account verification suspicious activity is noticed, in which a player may have used exploits, clones to earn money, gold, etc. the Administration has the right to remove the entire amount of money, gold, experience and any other goods at its own discretion, including deleting the account.
9. The withdrawal budget in ProEconomica is based on the support and investments of the players, income from publicity and other incomes of the ProEconomica project.
10. For the following years the monthly withdrawals according to point 2 will be modified based on the income of the ProEconomica project.

New Conversion Rates

Today the admins made a slight change to the conversion rates between virtual shares and euros, now it will be a lot easier to make a nice profit from your investments in real shares. With the new exchange rated you need only 250.000 virtual shares for 50 Eur, you can see the exact amount of virtual shares you need for each euro below.

ProEconomica GoldIncrementationTotal Virtual Shares


Source ProEconomica Blog.

Game Shares & Technologies

Two new modules have been implemented, Game Shares and My Technologies, below you can read a brief description.

The newly implemented module allows you to buy game shares, every time you reach a new level you generate 1 game share.You have 6 days to buy the share or it will go to the shares market where it will be sold for a higher price.

Game shares give you a daily and a permanent bonus based on the amount of shares you have and increase the virtual shares you get when you increase your company’s level.In the future you will be able to trade virtual share with other players or buy Bonus cards with them and turn them in Euros.

Personal Technologies (don’t mistake them with company techs) are pretty straight forward, they are required if you wan to increase your company’s level.Some techs require other techs before you can research them so read the requirements carefully and you will be fine.

A more detailed guide will be available when the modules will be fully functional.


Welcome to ProWiki

ProEconomica is a virtual world where you can open and manage your own business.ProEconomica tries to mimic real world not only from a financial point of view but also from a political one. ProWiki is here to guide you and help you learn how to manage in this virtual world of proeconomica.Here you will be able to learn everything you need to know to become a PRO. Make sure you read all the tutorials listed here.

Online simulator PROECONOMICA

  • A virtual world.
  • A virtual business.
  • A real experience

Do you want to start up a business without risks?Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills?Now you have an on-line economic simulator that comes with the solution for you and your business development. ProEconomica offers you a virtual world.You open your virtual business and, in exchange, you get real experience!Even more – you can be the one that helps your virtual country to become a world leader in the economic sphere!

Not only you will get some experience for the real world but you will also be able to win real money,  you don’t even have to invest 1 cent.ProEconomica lets you open your first company FREE!

ProWiki is here to help you learn the ins and outs of this virtual world.When you are ready to take your first steps click on “Basics“.Follow the guide and you will learn this game in no time.We have the best tutorials about Proeconomica here.

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