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Day [653] Cities Implemented

As you may have noticed, yesterday ProEconomica Team implemented the Cities, but due to lack of info I had to wait until today to write about this update.

ProEconomica City

The cities were created mainly for supplying virtual employees for your companies, until now virtual employees were added manually by the admins, from now on they will be created by creating “homes” for them. There are 3 types of homes and they each provide a different amount of employees, no idea if amount increases with level, this are the stats for lvl 1.

  • House – 12 employees
  • Villa –  15 employees
  • Apartment Building – 20 employees

So far there are 2 different types of “objects” Ecology and Buildings, Ecology “objects” raise your city’s ecology which is needed to upgrade the second type of objects, Buildings which provide the residents of the city with bonuses like Happiness, Culture, Education, Prestige, Efficiency or Productivity based on which building was upgraded. At the moment you can upgrade a maximum of 2 objects from each type at the same time, maybe in the future there will be some way to raise that limit.

In order to upgrade a building 3 requirements must be met :

  • A road to connect to the building
  • Ecology
  • Money ( From the city budget allocated by the Mayor of the city or from any player if the city doesn’t have a Mayor. This only applies to buildings, for ecology type of objects players donate from their own budget.)

Now there is some confusion about which building(object) will be upgraded first if resources were already allocated to more than one of them. If you take a look at the image above you can see the objects that are upgraded at the moment, when the timer expires someone has to click on that object to finish the upgrade process then click another building to start the upgrade process.


Day [602] New Balance Sheet & Forum

ProEconomica Balance Sheet

New Balance Sheet

This update was actually a few days ago, so I’m sure that by now you noticed the new, and probably final, balance sheet.The new ProEconomica Balance Sheet has it’s pros and cons, you can now see what amount you have available in each of your company but unfortunately you can no longer see your daily profit. It would have been nice to see how much you make a day/month just for the sake of knowing.

The other new thing is a WORKING forum, yes we now have a fully function forum. Hopefully now there will be some better communication between the players and the game admins, also it will probably be easier for new players ( if there are any ..) to get their questions answered.

Proeconomica Update

Several changes have been made this update, Joint-Stock Companies re-implemented, Competition Module Implemented, New Test Server Opened.

Joint-Stock Companies are finally back in ProEconomica, just like the last time, 4 JSC;s were implemented: Gas, Oil, Water and Electricity I have updated the Joint-Stock Company Page with the latest features, go on there and read how they work.

NEW MODULE – ProEconomica Competitions

ProEconomica ContestWhat is that, you ask ? Well now you will be able to  … compete against other players. You can find the competition window under “ProEco Top”. If you want to compete just choose how long the competition should last, 2 hour or 8 hours and then choose an opponent or wait until someone decides to compete with you.

The winner is going to be the one whom has the most sales in 2 hours or 8 hours.




ProEconomica Contests Window

After you start the competition you will be able to see the live stats of  the competition, how much time is left, the name of your opponent and he’s sales in the Contest  Window or under the Contest Button. If you win a 2 hours competition you earn 12 XP and currency ( 100 RON for RO) and for 8 hours you earn 0.5 gold, 25 XP and money (250 RON for RO)


As you may have already noticed a new bar appeared between Health and Experience, Energy. This is used for competitions, 2 hours competition drain 12% energy and 8 hour competition use 50%, you gain 4% energy per hour or you can pay 2 gold and restore 50%.


ProEconomica Live Contest


Also another server has been opened, a test server, so from now on when something is implemented it should have way less bugs and of course now I’ll be able to make updates and tutorials before new modules are implemented on the Live Server. This way you should be already up to speed with the new features when they are implemented.

Another Rollback

Unfortunately due to some issues with the newly implemented Joint-Stock Companies the admins were forced to rollback the game with 20 hours. One of the main issue  was that  players were able to buy stocks to Joint-Stock Companies  from all over the world and that was not intended, players were supposed to be able to buy stocks only from companies in their country.

The good news is that the all players will receive a small compensation and JSC’s should be implemented again sometime tomorrow.

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New Host & ProE Update

Due to some issues i was force to move ProWiki to a new host, a better one, I hope. Last host was free so the up-time kinda sucked and had a lot of errors, current host is paid so I expect better results :).

That’s all about ProWiki moving on to ProEconomica, as you may have noticed, yesterday ProE was hacked and most players got lots of money, and who knows what other damage has been done. The good news is that the game was rollback-ed with about 20 Hours previously to the hack and hopefully the exploit that allowed the hacker to get in was fixed …

Ohh, if you look a little to the right you can see a “Donate” Button, feel free to use it so ProWiki can be improved 🙂


Wage Raise

I’m happy to announce that everyone just got a raise, from now on for each activity completed you will get two times more money, yes that’s right it doubled. You should use those money to build a better house and increase your efficiency so you can make even more money. 🙂


First Video Tutorial

I am happy to announce you that the first video tutorial has been posted on Basics page in this video you can see the a few basic actions in ProEconomica.

You can also watch the video below.


New Forum Live

The new ProEconomica Forum is now live and that’s not all, a new module has been implemented “My State”, here you are able to join/create a community.In time here will be more features added to this module.You can find this new module under the invite a friend banner.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out 🙂


ProWiki is here!

The official launch of prowiki, everything you need to know about ProEconomica.

If you still have questions after you read the guides just leave a reply and you will get your answer in less than 24hrs!!

Welcome to ProWiki

ProEconomica is a virtual world where you can open and manage your own business.ProEconomica tries to mimic real world not only from a financial point of view but also from a political one. ProWiki is here to guide you and help you learn how to manage in this virtual world of proeconomica.Here you will be able to learn everything you need to know to become a PRO. Make sure you read all the tutorials listed here.

Online simulator PROECONOMICA

  • A virtual world.
  • A virtual business.
  • A real experience

Do you want to start up a business without risks?Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills?Now you have an on-line economic simulator that comes with the solution for you and your business development. ProEconomica offers you a virtual world.You open your virtual business and, in exchange, you get real experience!Even more – you can be the one that helps your virtual country to become a world leader in the economic sphere!

Not only you will get some experience for the real world but you will also be able to win real money,  you don’t even have to invest 1 cent.ProEconomica lets you open your first company FREE!

ProWiki is here to help you learn the ins and outs of this virtual world.When you are ready to take your first steps click on “Basics“.Follow the guide and you will learn this game in no time.We have the best tutorials about Proeconomica here.

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