JSC Auto-Manager

You are a successful entrepreneur in ProEconomica and you have gathered quite a few Joint-Stock Companies (S.A.) but you don’t have time to manage them all, well now no matter how many you own you can manage them all with 1 click.

JSC Auto-Manager

Automatically manage all your JSC’s with 1 click, this bot has the following features:

  • Warns you if any companies need votes or automatically votes if you own 100%
  • Automatically deposits money or lets you know what companies need more money based on your settinngs
  • Automatically upgrades your companies
  • Converts Gold and Distributes it
  • Sells products to the state
  • Adds products to the market
  • Automatically buys materials from your region or country if needed and starts production
  • Set minimum amount of products in stock and on sale

You can find it here.


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