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Day [533] Update

It’s been a while since I updated the blog, several new features were implemented in ProEconomica, I’ll try to write a little about each one.





Well this module is  very straight forward you just need to complete certain missions and you get rewarded for it. It’s actually a nice way to gain some extra money. There are 15 missions but only 12 are active/






This module works in 3 stages:

  • Your Efficiency, Productivity, Happiness, Culture, Education and Prestige are added and the player with the highest number wins.
  • The number of your accomplished missions is compared with your opponent’s.
  • 6 abilities are randomly selected and the player with the most ability points wins.

If you win you get 15 xp and 250 money.


VIP Package Update

This is a future that was requested from day 1, it took a while, over a year, but it was finally implemented, now you can sell your products to a certain player so you don’t have to worry about someone else buying your products anymore. It’s also really easy to use, just enter the name of the player you want to sell your product to and he will be the only one that will be able to see it on the market, of course you can type in your name if you want to buy your product yourself or with one of your other companies.


 “Top with Prizes”

Well this module is so awful I wont even waste my time to write about it.

New Currency – ECO

So a while ago ProEco team decided to remove EURO and implement ECO instead, so far so good. If you have 5 Euro you can sell them for 300 gold, now here is where it gets messy, if you want to buy ECO you have to buy it from other players for the “small” prices between 100-150 gold so you can buy 2 maybe 3 ECOs if you are lucky, even worse now you can’t even find that many players selling them, so if you had any EURO previously to this update you basically lost at least half of them. You want to buy game shares, well then you need to buy ECO, you want to withdraw some of the money you deposited then you have to buy ECO.
Talking about withdrawing  money, well it seems that the ProEconomica Team didn’t think it was enough they just stole half of what you owned so they also bumped up the withdrawal tax from 20% to 40%.  If you had 100 Euros before the updated now you have, if you are lucky, 50 euro; if you want to withdraw this 50 euro after the new tax you get about 30 not counting the paypal tax, but since not many people actually sell ECO and you need at least 20 euro for withdrawals your 100 EURO are now worth NOTHING!

The admins promised a lot of things like the price for 1 ECO will drop to 40 gold, the state will sell ECOs too and other things like that but I really don’t see that happening. This update had only 1 purpose to make sure you can’t withdraw any of the money you have invested in the game … or maybe just a small amount.

If you are new to the game my advice to you is DO NOT DEPOSIT 1 CENT IN THIS GAME!! unless you are doing it just for fun and you are not planing/hoping to withdraw anything, ever!

Also you might have noticed that the Map, City and Office had some deadlines set, they were supposed to be implemented sometime between September and December 2012 but the Map deadline was now changed to “Integration: In the next version” and I have a feeling that the other two will follow… but don’t worry they will be implemented sometime “soon” like the year 2020 and they will also by bug free.


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