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Everything you need to know about how to manage your company

Your company – the most important part of the virtual world of proeconomica, I would suggest that you play for at least 2-3 weeks before even thinking about opening a company, even  though the first company is free it will cost money to start it up.You will need to buy equipment, materials and hire workers.This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about buying and managing your first virtual company in ProEconomica.

First thing you have to do before opening a company is to analyze the market to see what it’s needed the most.There is no point in opening a bread company for example if the market is full of them.You want profit so you should aim for something that its needed or that can found in low quantities on the market.

Click on “Analyze the market”.







In the new window, select your country and region and activity field.Remember you can sell products in the whole region not just the city you are in.Try to find the field with the least active companies, this way you should have an easier time selling your products to other players.

After you have decided what kind of company you want just click on “New Company”.In the newly opened window you can see all the available companies and how they are connected.

You can open any company in the chain.Click to zoom.

You created your company, now it’s time to learn how to manage it.For this I’ll use a grain company as an example, most of the companies are similar so you shouldnt have any problems.Also all companies have a in-game guide about how they work so your really shouldnt have any problems here.

First select the company you want to manage by clicking on its name.







This is the window from where you will managed your company.I will what every button does and how you should use it.

1. From here you can search for virtual workers, offer jobs for real players and see a list with both virtual and real employees.From the “View the employees” window you can also fire the inactive ones.

2. Here you can see the quantity of your finished products, sell it , view the sales made in the past and view your current products on the market.You can withdraw your products from the market anytime.

To withdraw your product from the market all you have to do is click       and confirm your action.

3. Here you can see all the raw materials your company has at the moment, to buy more materials just hit search, a new window will open where you can find all the materials you need.Just click the product picture, enter the amount you want and buy it.

4. The government will buy everyday a fixed amount of products from every company, here you will see how much you can see to it.The government will pay the lowest price possible for your product.You can increase the amount of products you can sell to the government by upgrading you company.

If you want to upgrade your company just click on the blue arrow, if you  hover your mouse on the arrow you can see how much it will cost you to upgrade it to the next level and some of the benefits you get. You can see a list with the required materials here.

5. Here you can see the bonus you get to the total amount of product you can make everyday or the total amount of product you can make everyday, it depends on the company type the (8% in this case), next to it you can see the your total productivity bonus ( office + technologies ).Productivity gives a bonus to the money you get from sales in most cases it will be cheaper to boost it by buying technologies instead of upgrading your office, but that’s up to you.

6. Here you can see the total amount of wages you will pay for your virtual employees, under it you can see the Financial Report of your company.

7. This is where you can see what technologies you have purchased, to buy your first technology just click Search.

Each technology is for a certain kind of company, but don’t worry you wont be able to buy it if it’s not for your company.Each tech gives different bonuses so assuming you are not planning to buy them all on the spot, try to prioritize, I recommend focusing on increasing your Productivity first. You can read more about technologies here, or you can see a list of technologies for each category by clicking on its color below.

  • Green techs are for Plant Growth
  • Blue    techs are for Industry
  • Yellow  techs are for Commerce
  • Orange techs are for Animal Breeding


8. In this section you can see how many employees you have and how many you need to start the production,what materials you need, how long it will take and how much product you will get.This section is not the same for all companies, it’s slightly different based on the type of the company.To start the production when you have everything you need just hit .. Start

9. Here you can transfer money to and from the company.

10.  This is where you can see the  current state of your equipment and from where you can search/buy a new one.

11. If you still need help click ok ” ? ” in the corner of the window, each company has a step by step guide about how to start it.

Materials Required for Upgrade

LvLBread in ProEconomicaProEconomica MilkProEconomica JuiceProeconomica VegetablesSausageProEconomica WineProeconomica Personal HygieneClothesTehniqueBoardWaterElectricityStoneCementGlassBrickHome FurnitureOffice FurnitureWindows-Doors

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    I have a question about the employees. If I get virtual employees, I can increase the level of qualification. What happens if I increase it?


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