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Clothes explained, how to buy and how to use them.

My Aspect –  Here you are able to buy clothes that boost your abilities and even increase your Aspect in Personal Status, clothes last about 30 days once they expire so those the bonus they give.You will use clothes quite a lot in ProEconomica, since it’s cheaper to buy the clothes than buying ability points so you can do activites.Just follow this guide and you will learn all you need to know about the clothes for your virtual character.

You can open  the aspect window in 2 ways.

After you click one of the two buttons a new window will open, here you can see your current abilities, how many unused ability points you have, what clothes you own, what clothes you have equipped and the clothes you can buy.

If you want to see details about a certain item just hold your mouse over that item’s image.Like in the image below.



If you were to equip this item you would get a boost in culture of 3 points, after the purchase your aspect would increase with 25% and you would gain 2 experience points.

To buy an item just select an item from the shop area and drag it on your character in the right slot ( it will be obvious when you will try to do this ) and then click on Buy.

My Aspect Window - ProEconomicaClick to zoom

1 – Here you can see all you abilities, you can read more about them here

2 – This is where you can see all your equipped items

3 – When you equip an item it will give you bonuses to your abilities, in the image you see 1 + 2. The 1 represents the points I assigned to that skill and the + 2 is the bonus I get from the items I have equipped, in this case the glasses.

4 – In this area you can see all the items available for sale in this category, to change the category just click on another tab.

5 – Some items that are equipped on your character will be shown here, they are working correctly so don’t worry.

In the window next to I possess you will be able to see the items you own but are not equipped.


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  1. Jaydia says:

    I am unable to access this catagory

  2. Jaydia says:

    is there a list some where of what is and is not working currently?

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