How to buy what you need, step by step guide.

Here you can buy food and clothes for you virtual character, don’t forget if your Personal status drops under 1% you will lose xp and money!

Deposit Button

Here is a step by step guide about how to buy food, clothes and products for your virtual character in ProEconomica.

To buy the food and clothes you need click on “Deposit”, you can see it in the picture.

A new window will open, here you will be able to see the amount of food you have and how many clothes you have. Also you can see exactly how much each product will increase your personal status.

Deposit Window

As you can see the deposit is used to store your products, it has a limit at the moment mine is 300 products, but the maximum amount can be increased by upgrading the deposit.

In this window you can use, buy and search for food,clothes and any other products you need.To use a product just enter the amount you want to consume and click “Consume”. You have to consume both types of products from the same category to keep your virtual character alive.If you look in the image at Primary Food, even if I have 79 milk bottles I can’t use them until I consume 20 breads.This applies to all products for Personal Status.

For every 10% of primary, secondary food or aspect you regenerate you will gan 1 point of experience.

If you want to buy more food or whatever products you need click on “Search” .A new window will pop-up.

You will have to click on each products picture to open the buy menu, find the cheapest one, enter the amount you wish to buy(It’s recommended to buy more than you need, this way you will have the pay the Transport Tax only once) and click on “Governments dray” to buy it.Make sure you raise both your primary and secondary food status.

To raise your “Aspect” Status click on “My Aspect” ,you can see it in a red square in the image above, and take the same steps you took for buying food.

In this window you can also buy “Raw Materials”, you can see it in a red square in the image above, for your home and office, your home improves your efficiency and your office improves your productivity, you can read more about that here.

As you can see the ProEconomica store interface is quite easy to learn,if you read the whole guid you shouldnt have any problems using it.


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