Character Stats

These are your character stats in ProEconomica.

1 – Profile picture, Nickname, Age, Country and City. By pressing edit under your Profile Picture you can change your account details.

2 – Here you can see your virtual currency and gold.

3 – This is where you can see how much Health you have, your experience and your Level. By clicking on  you can increase your health with 50% by paying 1 gold.Otherwise your health regenerates with 2% per hour. You gain Experience by doing activities, eating and using clothes.

4 – These are your productivity and efficiency :

  • Efficiency improves the amount of money you get when you finish an activity.You can raise your efficiency by leveling up ( 10% per lvl) or by building and upgrading your house ( 10% per lvl ).
  • Productivity improves the amount of money your company gets when selling a product, you can improve it by building and upgrading your office.


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