Basics – Your First Steps In ProEconomica

The main idea in ProEconomica is to open a company and make it profitable, but before you can do that you need to learn a few basics.Well you are in the right place for that, just follow the first tutorial.

Now you can also watch a video tutorial!!!

When you first start the game you don’t have any money, you need money to buy food, clothes and other stuff.The first thing you want to do is to work, go to “Activities”. You can find it on the main page after you log in. Now you need to select one of those activities and press “Start”.To make more money you can also work for a company owned by a player.You can find this on the main page in the middle.Click on “Labour market” and choose a work place and click “Apply”

I would recommend you to just focus on activities and not work on the “Labour Market” because most of the time the wages are too low.

Make sure your “Personal Status” never drops under 1%, if it does your character will die and you will lose experience and money.



Click on  in each category  or on “My Store” to open a new window where you can buy food, clothes and other products you need to raise your “Personal Status”.

For a more detailed tutorial about  the store check My Store.

Below you can see a table that shows by how much each category decreases per hour based on your level:

LevelXP*Primary FoodSecondary FoodAspectPersonal HygieneHouse DesignTechniqueLuxury objects
1500.5 - - - - - -
21000.50.5 - - - - -

*XP – Experience required to reach that level



And a few miscellaneous items.

Here you can see the current time, how long its been since the game begun, your game ID.How much real EUR you have in your account and how much gold.By clicking on “Details” you can exchange euro for gold and the other way around once you reach level 8.At the moment 1 EUR is 20 gold, the rate might not apply when the transfer occurs from gold to EUR. Insert a name or part of it and click   to search for a friend.Click to open the games official wiki page and  to logout.

Click on this banner in-game to find your referer link.Each active referral you recruit will bring you real money, gold and experience.Each referal that hits 20 experience will get you 1 gold, and then for every level he reaches you will get 0.01 EURO, for each referral he has you get half of everything he gets.There is no limit to this, after the 6th generation you get 0.0001 EURO and 0.01 gold for each referral. You could have literally thousands of referrals making you real money everyday !!

So what are you waiting for, go recruit your friends 🙂

By upgrading your house  you can increase your efficiency, each level gives you +10% efficiency which increases  your wage.



By upgrading your office you get +2% productivity per level which increases your income from your companies .All you have to do to upgrade them is buy the materials from the market, just click “Add” and go to the market.For a more detailed guide about the market see My Store.

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