If you already read the ProEconomica Basics you should already know a few things about the activities. Here I’ll give a more detailed explanation about what everything means and does.Activities are the main way a beginner can make money in ProEconomica.

1. Here you can see all the abilities you already skilled.

2. Here you can see the total amount of un-used ability points, by clicking      you can buy more ability points with gold, 1 gold will give you 1 ability point.

3. Here you can complete trivia tests, if you answer all the questions correctly you will win money, experience and gold.

4. Each activity requires certain abilities, not necessarily skilled you can gain temporary abilities by buying and equipping clothes.You can read more about that here.

5. Here you can see how long the activity will take to complete.

6. Here you can see how many times you completed the activity, when you complete it 5 times you will gain a bonus and that activity will disappear.

7. Here you can see how much money and experience you will gain when finishing the activity, by hovering your mouse over the  you will be able to see :

  •  How much health you need to complete the activity once
  •        How much money and experience you will gain when you complete the  activity 5 times
  •       How many abilities you will receive as a reward for completing the  activity 5 times

8. The time left until the completion of your current activity.

Completing activities and tests si the best and the easiest way to gain money and experience points, try to make sure that your character is doing an activity 24/7 this way you will be able to improve your character really fast.

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