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New Design, New Scripts

The old scripts no longer work since the game design was changed. I don’t play proeco anymore but I did make a new JSC manager, currently it has the following features :

  • Auto Work – Get a work place if you don’t one already, selects the highest paid one and starts work.
  • Auto Vote for yourself if needed
  • Deposit Currency // Just the amount required to convert gold.
  • Convert JSC Gold
  • Distribute JSC Gold
  • Sell JSC product to state

Coming soon:

  • Buy Vip
  • Upgrade JSC if not at max lvl already.

Coming someday:

  • Manage Stocks
  • Buy Materials & Start Production
  • Buy JSC Equipment
  • Auto Manage LLCs(SRLs)

All these features are toggleable, they can be turned ON/OFF.


If interested, PM in-game!


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