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Day [653] Cities Implemented

As you may have noticed, yesterday ProEconomica Team implemented the Cities, but due to lack of info I had to wait until today to write about this update.

ProEconomica City

The cities were created mainly for supplying virtual employees for your companies, until now virtual employees were added manually by the admins, from now on they will be created by creating “homes” for them. There are 3 types of homes and they each provide a different amount of employees, no idea if amount increases with level, this are the stats for lvl 1.

  • House – 12 employees
  • Villa – ¬†15 employees
  • Apartment Building – 20 employees

So far there are 2 different types of “objects” Ecology and Buildings, Ecology “objects” raise your city’s ecology which is needed to upgrade the second type of objects, Buildings which provide the residents of the city with bonuses like Happiness, Culture, Education, Prestige, Efficiency or Productivity based on which building was upgraded. At the moment you can upgrade a maximum of 2 objects from each type at the same time, maybe in the future there will be some way to raise that limit.

In order to upgrade a building 3 requirements must be met :

  • A road to connect to the building
  • Ecology
  • Money¬†( From the city budget allocated by the Mayor of the city or from any player if the city doesn’t have a Mayor. This only applies to buildings, for ecology type of objects players donate from their own budget.)

Now there is some confusion about which building(object) will be upgraded first if resources were already allocated to more than one of them. If you take a look at the image above you can see the objects that are upgraded at the moment, when the timer expires someone has to click on that object to finish the upgrade process then click another building to start the upgrade process.



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