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JSC Auto-Manager

You are a successful entrepreneur in ProEconomica and you have gathered quite a few Joint-Stock Companies (S.A.) but you don’t have time to manage them all, well now no matter how many you own you can manage them all with 1 click.

JSC Auto-Manager

Automatically manage all your JSC’s with 1 click, this bot has the following features:

  • Warns you if any companies need votes or automatically votes if you own 100%
  • Automatically deposits money or lets you know what companies need more money based on your settinngs
  • Automatically upgrades your companies
  • Converts Gold and Distributes it
  • Sells products to the state
  • Adds products to the market
  • Automatically buys materials from your region or country if needed and starts production
  • Set minimum amount of products in stock and on sale

You can find it here.

ProEconomica Auto-Buy Bot

You want more shares and eco but you are tired of checking the market all the time and still not find anything ?


NOW You can buy a bot that will do that for you.

ProBot will check the market and buy ECO and Shares for you 24/7.

Act Now and get a 30% discount by using this code : 30Off (limited supply / valid until 01.01.2014  )

Click here.

Day [720] Forum 3.0

For the third time ProEconomica has a new forum, they first tried a “homemade” forum which was horrible, then vbulletin but that didn’t work out too good, most likely due to lack of interest but  I must admit the new one looks pretty good, I hope that this time they will also appoint a decent administrator for it.

Since my last update there have been a few changes in ProEconomica, first there is the new Feedback option, where you can leave suggestions and if they get enough votes they get implemented or so is what the admins are saying. A few thins actually got implemented but to many times we got excited for new features only to get disappointed in  the end, hopefully this feedback option will revive the game a little.

News – Weekly Edition
Another cool – ish thing is the new Weekly Edition Paper, where admins remind you that they are still around and working at the game. The down side is they keep giving deadlines for the upcoming features and … well everyone should now that they never stick to them, no idea why they keep setting them. Also they give new players some tips about the game, that’s kinda cool.

Day [653] Cities Implemented

As you may have noticed, yesterday ProEconomica Team implemented the Cities, but due to lack of info I had to wait until today to write about this update.

ProEconomica City

The cities were created mainly for supplying virtual employees for your companies, until now virtual employees were added manually by the admins, from now on they will be created by creating “homes” for them. There are 3 types of homes and they each provide a different amount of employees, no idea if amount increases with level, this are the stats for lvl 1.

  • House – 12 employees
  • Villa –  15 employees
  • Apartment Building – 20 employees

So far there are 2 different types of “objects” Ecology and Buildings, Ecology “objects” raise your city’s ecology which is needed to upgrade the second type of objects, Buildings which provide the residents of the city with bonuses like Happiness, Culture, Education, Prestige, Efficiency or Productivity based on which building was upgraded. At the moment you can upgrade a maximum of 2 objects from each type at the same time, maybe in the future there will be some way to raise that limit.

In order to upgrade a building 3 requirements must be met :

  • A road to connect to the building
  • Ecology
  • Money ( From the city budget allocated by the Mayor of the city or from any player if the city doesn’t have a Mayor. This only applies to buildings, for ecology type of objects players donate from their own budget.)

Now there is some confusion about which building(object) will be upgraded first if resources were already allocated to more than one of them. If you take a look at the image above you can see the objects that are upgraded at the moment, when the timer expires someone has to click on that object to finish the upgrade process then click another building to start the upgrade process.


Day [602] New Balance Sheet & Forum

ProEconomica Balance Sheet

New Balance Sheet

This update was actually a few days ago, so I’m sure that by now you noticed the new, and probably final, balance sheet.The new ProEconomica Balance Sheet has it’s pros and cons, you can now see what amount you have available in each of your company but unfortunately you can no longer see your daily profit. It would have been nice to see how much you make a day/month just for the sake of knowing.

The other new thing is a WORKING forum, yes we now have a fully function forum. Hopefully now there will be some better communication between the players and the game admins, also it will probably be easier for new players ( if there are any ..) to get their questions answered.

Day [575] Buildings, State Technologies

You know those modules that were supposed to be implemented about 3 months ago? Well they are here.


State Buildings and Technologies


There are 7 buildings and 8 technologies that can be upgraded. By upgrading them every player in your country gains the boost, this way your country becomes more powerful. To raise the level of a technology or of a building players from your country need to donate the required materials and then the money will be added from your country’s budget. After he government will be implemented and after the elections only the President and the Prime Minister will be able to donate money from the budget but until then anyone will have this power.

You can’t donate materials while the research is ongoing, you have to wait until it’s finished.

Proeconomica Buildings








Now you can also finish the 2 out of the 3 missions that required you to donate materials.

Proeconomica Missions


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