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Day [391] New Company Price Changes

Well this has to be a first, a change was announced and implemented in less than an hour. Today  Proeconomica Team decided to change the prices for regular companies, the new prices are better for new players as the first companies can be opened for a lot less but on long-term they will really hurt your virtual wallet.

The first company is still FREE but after the 10th company prices really start to jump, any way this is how the new prices look like.

Company #Price
4 - 31+ 30
32 - 54+ 50
55 - 65+ 100
66 - 70+ 200
71 - 90+ 300

So the 5th company is 120 GOLD, if I have 10 companies and I want to open another one it will cost me 300 GOLD, the next will be 330 and so on, after 30 – 40 companies the costs will be HUGE!

Day [384] Banks Implemented

After some testing a new Joint-Stock Company was implemented today in ProEconomica, the Bank. For ~ 1500 Gold + currency (based on your country) you can buy 10% of a newly opened Bank, except the price , administrative wise, everything works just like at the other Joint – Stock Companies.

Banks are straight forward, you can make deposits and get daily interest or take credits and pay a daily fee. You can find the bank options at Market > Stock Market  > Bank

ProEconomica BanksSo far the Banks are unrealistic and … well in my opinion a total failure, owners  can’t offer decent interest rates and that will make the deposit almost useless and pointless, if I make a deposit of 50.000 RON for 30 days I will get the amazing profit of 1.510 RON. The credits are even worst, the interest rate here has to be higher so that the banks can afford to pay higher interest rates for the deposit and of course the bank owners need earn some profit too. If I take a credit of 50.000 RON in 30 days I’ll have to pay 80.000 RON and that’s with a 2% interest rate. If you choose to take credits from a bank make sure you double-check the interest rate and wait at least a few days, at the moment there still are some bugs that need fixing.
If I were you I would stay away from credits and I would definitely NOT waste my money by investing in a bank.



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