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New Forum Live

The new ProEconomica Forum is now live and that’s not all, a new module has been implemented “My State”, here you are able to join/create a community.In time here will be more features added to this module.You can find this new module under the invite a friend banner.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out ūüôā


ProWiki is here!

The official launch of prowiki, everything you need to know about ProEconomica.

If you still have questions after you read the guides just leave a reply and you will get your answer in less than 24hrs!!

Welcome to ProWiki

ProEconomica is a virtual world where you can open and manage your own business.ProEconomica tries to mimic real world not only from a financial point of view but also from a political one. ProWiki is here to guide you and help you learn how to manage in this virtual world of proeconomica.Here you will be able to learn everything you need to know to become a PRO. Make sure you read all the tutorials listed here.

Online simulator PROECONOMICA

  • A virtual world.
  • A virtual business.
  • A real experience

Do you want to start up a business without risks?Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills?Now you have an on-line economic simulator that comes with the solution for you and your business development. ProEconomica offers you a virtual world.You open your virtual business and, in exchange, you get real experience!Even more – you can be the one that helps your virtual country to become a world leader in the economic sphere!

Not only you will get some experience for the real world but you will also be able to¬†win real money, ¬†you don’t even have to invest 1 cent.ProEconomica¬†lets you open your first company¬†FREE!

ProWiki¬†is here to help you learn the ins and outs of this virtual world.When you are ready to take your first steps click on “Basics“.Follow the guide and you will learn this game in no time.We have the best tutorials about Proeconomica here.

You Don’t have an account already?Well what are you waiting for¬†register now¬†!


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